A stable job is the cornerstone of someone achieving lasting self-sufficiency. From finding a first job to ongoing assistance with higher education and vocational training, Caritas of Austin's Employment Program provides a turning point toward self-reliance. Last year, nearly 600 individuals were placed in jobs, which not only benefits the individual on their path toward self-sufficiency but it also strengthens our community and economy as a whole. *Caritas of Austin employment services are available only to existing clients.


Our Employment Services Include:

Pre-Employment Preparation - Our clients have access to resources that help them achieve success in the workforce, such as: job readiness training, vocational certification, ESL classes, and assistance in professional recertification.

Referral and Placement - Employment Specialists work one-on-one with clients to match each applicant’s skills, experience, and interest with company needs. 

Work Authorization - Our clients undergo a pre-employment screening to ensure their authorization to work in the United States. They are either U.S. Citizens or have their Employment Authorization Documents, Social Security cards, I-94 documents, and photo IDs.

Logistical Support - Caritas of Austin staff will help your company coordinate interviews. This includes both individual and group interviews, ensuring that your time is being used in the most efficient way.

New Hire Paper Work Assistance - Caritas will assist clients with filling out new hire paperwork at the employer’s request.

Post-hire Support - We provide ongoing support and services to employees and employers.


Benefits of Hiring from Caritas of Austin:

Quick Access to Employees -Caritas of Austin has the ability to fill job openings quickly to help avoid advertising costs and take advantage of FREE referral services.

Skills and Experience - From farmers to business owners, Caritas clients have a variety of work experience and skills. Many have secondary and post-secondary education with numerous years of work experience. They are enthusiastic individuals seeking employment who are dedicated, loyal, and possess a diverse skill set and willingness to learn.

Low-Risk and Long-Term Employees - Our clients receive free support services that address the external issues that commonly affect an individual’s employment including food, housing, education, and transportation. Caritas also participates in the Federal Bonding Program for clients with criminal backgrounds.

Tax Incentives - Your business could qualify for certain tax credits such as the Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit and training incentives when you employ those receiving public assistance.

Promote Self-Sufficiency - Hiring Caritas of Austin clients helps them move toward self-sufficiency. It strengthens our client’s lives, their families, our community, and the economy.

Build Your Company Brand  - Caritas of Austin rewards employers by publicizing your company on our website and featuring partners in our eNewsletter.


For more information about Employment Services at Caritas of Austin, please contact Amitiss Mahvash, Employment Services Manager, at 512.646.1254 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

If you are looking to become employed as a Caritas staff member, please see our Careers page.