In 2015, we opened a second location in order to expand our much-needed services to the Austin community. Caritas North is a smaller neighborhood center providing many of the same services as our headquarter location. Services will be delivered in a way that bests suits the neighborhood. 


Why We Are Expanding

Over the past 10 years, Austin has experienced tremendous growth and prosperity. But this growth has also led to skyrocketing housing costs, forcing thousands of families farther and farther out of central Austin. A recent Brookings Institute report showed that Austin has the second fastest-growing suburban poverty rate in the nation. We believe our downtown location should never be a barrier to families getting the support they need.  We are opening a second location now to better serve Austin families and individuals and to give us additional capacity to grow our programs and services.


The Neighborhood Center Model

Caritas of Austin considered many different models for expanding services in the community. A “hub and spoke” model – maintaining our downtown headquarters while opening smaller neighborhood centers in strategic locations - is the most cost-effective way to leverage existing programs and staff while also increasing services to the neighborhoods that need it most. Our plan is that Caritas North is just the first location of this new model. As we refine the neighborhood center model, we plan to replicate it in additional neighborhoods.

Partnering With North Austin

Our new location in north Austin will truly be a partnership. While Caritas of Austin brings important services for community members to access, we also know that this community possesses great strengths and assets to build upon. We have spent a significant amount of time meeting with community leaders to gain input as part of the planning process, and we will continue this dialogue during the project’s development and as long as Caritas resides in this neighborhood. We are excited to be a new North Austin neighbor!


Where is the neighborhood center located?

Our Caritas North offices are located at 9027 Northgate Boulevard. 

How do I access services at Caritas North?

Appointments at Caritas North are by appointment only. To access services, please contact use Coordinated Assessment. Learn more HERE.

What services do you offer at the new neighborhood center?

The services provided at this new location are focused on family and veteran homelessness, life-skills education, and connecting people to employment. It is not an exact replica of our downtown location. We do not have plans to have a Community Kitchen or community telephones at this location.