Obtaining the skills and knowledge necessary to become self-reliant is the key to stability. Caritas of Austin's Education Program offers more than 1,000 classes each year, available to both clients and the community. Whether it’s learning to manage personal finances, developing vocational skills, learning about life in a new country, or setting life goals, Caritas of Austin’s Education program advances people on their journey toward success. For more information about Education Services at Caritas of Austin, please contact Houmma Garba, Education Services Program Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Our Philosophy

The Education Program seeks to deliver instruction in a stimulating, rich and diverse environment through a variety of instructional methods to appeal to adult participants learning styles and preferences. It draws on the inherent wealth of knowledge that clients possess from life experience.

  • 1st Principle of Adult Learning: Leadership
    • The instructor guides the learners in determining the relevance of the learning to their own situation.
    • Learners are encouraged to use their own leadership, judgment and decision making.
  • 2nd Principle of Adult Learning: Experience
    • Everyone comes to the learning situation with a unique lifetime of experience.
    • Some of what people think they know is wrong.
    • Group discussions and case study work embrace the concept of participation and increase involvement in the learning process and knowledge retention.
  • 3rd Principle of Adult Learning: Appeal
    • Adult learners are motivated to learn when they have a need to know. They want to know how the instruction will help them.
    • Training is appropriate when only two conditions are present:
      • There is something one or more people do not know how to do
      • They need to be able to do it
    • If an adult learner already knows how to do something, more training will not help.
  • 4th Principle of Adult Learning: Respect
    • People are more open to learn if they feel respected.
    • Classes establish a learning climate of:
      • Mutual respect and trust
      • Collaboration rather than competition
      • Support rather than judgment
      • FUN
  • 5th Principle of Adult Learning: Novel Styles
    • Adult learners respond better when new material is presented through a variety of instructional methods that cater to different learning styles.


Our Course Offerings

  • To learn more about Caritas’s Education Program course offerings please click here

  • If you are a community member interested in registering for Caritas classes, please click here for our online registration form.

  • If you are a current Caritas client and are interested in registering for classes please contact your case manager for a referral.