Tracy Allen

When housing comes first, wellness follows

How Caritas Puts the ‘Support’ in Permanent Supportive Housing At Caritas of Austin, we believe that safe, stable housing is essential for people who have experienced homelessness to build well-being…

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Sketch rendering of Caritas' permanent supportive housing, Espero Austin at Rutland.

Expanding our capacity with permanent supportive housing

Our mission is to prevent and end homelessness in Greater Austin. It’s a lofty goal, to be sure, but one we believe can actually be accomplished by working together with…

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A new beginning

Gunther Aguado now sees opportunity in each day. Having lived most of his life with a substance use disorder that ultimately led to homelessness, Gunther Aguado wants to use his…

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Moving through trauma to end homelessness

Lisa does not give up easily and despite living in a tent, she was doing everything she could to turn things around. But when you are homeless, it’s nearly impossible…

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Rebuilding Her Life

Regina never imagined homelessness could happen to her Regina is proof that experiencing homelessness can happen to anyone. Originally from Kentucky, Regina received her Master’s in Genetics from the University…

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