Job placement and career development build strong futures for families.

Austin is more vibrant when everyone has the opportunity to obtain living wage jobs, pursue careers, and contribute to the community. Caritas of Austin's Employment builds individualized employment plans for each client based on their experience, skills, and goals. Together, staff and clients lay the building blocks for long-term success.

Caritas of Austin partners with around 280 local employers to place hundreds of people in jobs each year. Industries include healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, HVAC, Commercial Driver’s License, IT, government, and more.

Employment Services
  • Individualized employment goals and plan
  • Resume development
  • Interview preparation
  • Provide work uniforms and tools
  • Provide bicycles and bus passes for work transportation
  • Vocational training and professional certification
  • Support pursuing higher education
Why Hire Caritas of Austin Clients?
  • Access to diverse, global talent
  • Ongoing support from Caritas of Austin staff
  • Tax incentives
  • Brand exposure through Caritas of Austin marketing
  • Strengthening Austin to be more vibrant for all

To find out if you qualify for employment services, please complete and submit the Assessment.

For more information about hiring Caritas of Austin clients , please contact Mike Kakarash at akakarash@caritasofaustin.org.

If you are looking to become employed as a Caritas of Austin staff member, please see our Careers page.

The Caritas of Austin team has been so dedicated to making my dream possible. They have helped me get to where I want to be.


Caritas of Austin client and food truck owner

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We’ve adjusted how we provide services but we are still here to provide housing, food and employment. Many of our clients have an urgent need for additional support and we need your help.

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