A Story of Hope

At Caritas of Austin, each person we serve shares the experience of homelessness, but that doesn’t mean the solution to homelessness is one-size-fits-all. The people we serve are as unique…

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Terrie Franklin, Nathaniel Hall and Ebony Meads smiling together.

The Power of Peer Support

One of our core values at Caritas of Austin is a commitment to improvement and innovation. As an organization, we are continually learning and evolving to implement the most effective…

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The Courage To Start Over

It takes immense courage to leave an abusive relationship. And the price paid for that bravery is often great. For Artessa, leaving meant the new reality of homelessness. “I’ve never…

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Jeffrey Stephens


The Difficult Journey of Rebuilding a Life For most of us, moving into a new home is stressful and can stretch us to our limits. But for people who have…

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