Building Careers, Not Just Jobs

Careers, Not Jobs

One of the ways your support helps people reach their full potential is through career development.

Together, we go beyond just placing people in jobs. You help us connect people to higher education, vocational training, and career paths that match their interests. “Our team has a personalized approach with each person we serve, trying to match their skills and passions to a job that enables them to provide for their family,” said Amitiss Mahvash, Employment Program Manager.

Yoeblis Alcolea was a family doctor in Cuba, but when he moved to the United States through the Cuban Medical Professionals Parolee program, he had to restart his life. Still, he was determined to become a doctor in Austin and, thanks to you, he is on his way!

As is the case with many refugees, Yoeblis had limited English proficiency, which impacted the job opportunities available to him. He got his first job at a hotel but worked with his Employment Specialist at Caritas of Austin to begin the process for medical recertification and employment in the healthcare field.

Because of your generosity, Caritas of Austin created an Introduction to Healthcare Professions program to help people understand the U.S. healthcare landscape and learn the skills needed to gain employment. Expanded offerings like this are not possible without you.

In March of last year, Yoeblis got a job at Community Care as a bilingual medical assistant, and Caritas of Austin was able to pay for his certification for this position. He works in pediatrics, seeing infants through adolescents for primary care and preventative health needs. He loves his work and will take his first recertification exam later this year to become a doctor.

Khairullah Danish is another example of the futures you are helping create. Khairullah and his family resettled as refugees last November. At home in Afghanistan, he served as an interpreter for the United States military but he also had experience working in a tailor shop. Seeing a trend of refugees interested in using sewing skills to restart their careers, the Caritas team began partnering with local clothing and furniture stores.

One new partnership is with a large bridal store chain who was interested in hiring individuals for tailoring and seamstress work. The bridal store hired Khairullah and his 19-year-old daughter earlier this year. He said he really likes his job and the people he works with.

Khairullah has even bigger entrepreneurial dreams with relation to his work. “I would love to have my own tailoring store. My wife and two older daughters also know this work, so we could do it together and hopefully even hire other refugees. I want to work with the Caritas team to help make this possible,” he added.

Because of your support, 626 people found jobs last year. You also helped us expand internal workforce development programs and nearly triple funds to pay for external vocational programs like Commercial Driver’s License and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) – industries where people can make $16-25 per hour upon completion.

You are creating career paths! Mahvash puts it simply: “What we consider true success is when clients tell us they love what they’re doing. It’s all about matching their skills and passions to set them on a path of success.”