Why I Want To Hire A Caritas Client

In today’s economy, where job competition is fierce, people constantly worry about their resumes, experience, and job gaps. However, we often forget the low-income and unhoused communities struggling to make ends meet. Many of them struggle to find jobs to make a living and are constantly presented with obstacles of becoming potential employees and having the chance to rebuild their lives.  

Homelessness is a complex issue that affects people from all walks of life. It can happen to anyone, regardless of background, education, or work experience. Unfortunately, the stereotypes about homelessness often prevent people from recognizing their potential. However, many people who experience homelessness have unique skills and talents that can be valuable to employers. They are often resilient, resourceful, and determined to improve their situations.

By hiring people who have experienced homelessness, we can help them rebuild their lives and contribute to our society. It can also benefit companies and organizations by providing a diverse pool of talent and perspectives. Moreover, it can help reduce the stigma associated with homelessness and promote social inclusion.

Candy Prendeville of Aimbridge Hospitality talks about what she looks forward to when partnering with Caritas of Austin and hiring clients who have experienced homelessness. 

Aimbridge Hospitality is a global third-party management company with over 1,500 hotels globally and 18 properties in Austin. The hospitality group is constantly looking for new and diverse talent to help provide a better stay for their patrons. 

“Our partnership with Caritas of Austin will allow us to reach new potential employees and provide opportunities to well-deserving individuals that can help improve our customers’ experience,” said Prendeville. “There are many reasons why this partnership is vital, most importantly because I feel we are aligned regarding our core values. As partners, we will work toward equipping people with jobs that move them closer to rebuilding their lives.”

It is important to note that hiring people who have experienced homelessness requires sensitivity and support. Employers should provide additional resources to help them succeed. They should also be willing to accommodate their unique needs and circumstances.

With partnerships with employers, Caritas of Austin’s employment program can provide clients with the opportunities to make a livable wage and continue to rebuild their well-being. 

Are you an Austin company looking to partner with Caritas of Austin? Reach out to Mike Kakarash at akarash@caritasofaustin.org.