Ending Homelessness Together

Frank Sclafani

You may notice a new look about us and some new words. We’re the same organization, just telling our story better. And at the heart of Caritas of Austin’s story lies one word that drives everything we do: together.

We don’t help our clients; we work together with them as partners. We believe the people we serve are experts in their own lives. When people have shared ownership of goals within our program, they know with confidence that they were critical in ending their own homelessness.

The power of our services is in their togetherness. Our layers of support work in tandem to not only end someone’s homelessness but ensure they do not face that devastating reality in the future. Our education classes focus on the knowledge and life skills people need to succeed. Each program constructs a layer of wellbeing, but together they are unmatched in helping people reach their full potential.

Frank Sclafani became homeless after a back injury caused him to lose his job building log homes. Without a job, he also lost his health insurance and was buried in medical bills from his surgery. After living in a shelter for a year, Frank says he cried the first night he slept in his apartment.

Rebuilding his life with Caritas of Austin’s support has been multidimensional. “It’s not just about health or having a home,” he said. “It’s also about having someone to go to who is committed to your success, it’s mental health, finding my own faith, gaining an income, and rediscovering self-worth.”

Building this strong foundation for people and ending their homelessness requires much community collaboration. That’s why our daily work is filled with partnerships across the community, each group contributing their value to the overall goal. We know that no single organization can hope to solve homelessness in Austin, but collectively we can.

Our last together involves you. One simple word takes an overwhelming and seemingly insurmountable community problem and makes it solvable. It turns a tagline like “Ending Homelessness” from unreasonable to believable when you add “together”.

With over 50 years of experience as an organization and more than a decade of implementing best practices to end homelessness, we know what works. But we can never move from managing homelessness to ending it until our community believes we all play a role in the solution.

Frank is a shining example of how much your support change lives. “Your generosity is working. It worked for me. Homelessness is a scary place to be, and you are a shining light. We can all make a really big difference,” he said.

Ending homelessness makes Austin more vibrant for all, and it takes all of us to create the Austin we aspire to be.

Together with clients. Together our services. Together through collaboration. Together with your support.

Let’s end homelessness together, ya’ll.